Monday, January 25, 2010

Hungry Girl Muffin Lovin'

1 regular size Thomas' Light Multi Grain English Muffin (or Western Bagel Alternative English Muffin)
1 slice Kraft Free fat free American cheese
1 slice Healthy Choice Smoked Ham (or other lean, thin-sliced ham)
1 egg white (I use liquid egg whites)

Simply cook an egg white in a pan using non-stick cooking spray and toast your English muffin. Once toasted, place a slice of cheese on the bottom half of the bread, followed by the egg, a slice of ham, and the top of the muffin. Enjoy!

Serving Size: 1 sandwich
Calories: 165
Fat: 1.5g
Sodium: 645mg
Carbs: 25g
Fiber: 8g
Protein: 17.5g

*This sandwich was AMAZING. It tasted just like McDonald's Egg McMuffin. I highly recommend this. It was easy to make. Fred ate his on the way to work this morning and told me how much he loved it.

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